Welcome to Walletz4U. We provide Covid-19 medical supplies.

Amherst, New York May 27, 2021 (Issuewire.com) Key personnel who are instrumental in setting up the US operations are Director Samuel Haralu. He has a strong background in marketing and sales for PPE and has set up a warehouse in Kentucky to handle all Walletz4U products.

Ms. Arpana Dubey Executive Director & entire US Head instrumental in setting up US operations and an office in New York to handle complete sales and marketing for Walletz4U. She has experience of 25 years of in marketing and sales.

Mr. Chaitanya Aggarwal Executive Director of business development for the US.

Ms. Hemlata CEO and key person in the organisation.

The company's Chairman Dr. SaileshLachu Hiranandani stated that "We are in an exciting phase in India and with the continuous hard work of our co-workers, soon moving towards opening our store in the USA.

Walletz4U's vision is to create a better everyday life for many people and we offer well-designed, functional, and affordable, high-quality medical equipment, produced with care for people and the environment. He affirmed that these gloves are made out of polyvinyl chloride plastic resin, which is highly adopted by humans. They are designed in featherweight along with hefty corporeal to cause further amenity for consumers.

These gloves are encircled with chloride that keeps the virus distant. He said Walletz4U is the pioneering company to launch such sterling and peerless products by overcoming all other competitors in the market. He assured me that the company is going to lead the table with this product by making its way to new heights. He congratulated the whole company for such a massive achievement accomplished by the adherence of company workmen and the victory is dedicated to the company.

In the coming years, we can anticipate more attainments and this is yet another step to its long-term commitment to India. He also extended that Walletz4U is one of the world's leading public health emergency management solutions companies, manufacturing our own flagship "Medical Protection Supply" products for consumers across the globe.

The company's Director Mr. Samuel Haralu stated that "for the first time exhilarating the history, they are merchandising the product at very low price in view of the pandemic. They are principally matured to fight against covid. Also headlined the prosperity of one of the used material chlorine in the following ways:

  • It is effective in protecting the environment
  • Recyclable
  • Low greenhouse gas emissions
  • Conservation of resources and energy
  • Water resistant
  • Hefty and long durability
  • Vinyl is the second largest-selling plastic and the most versatile one

Mr. Chaitanya Agarwal, Executive Director of Business Development for US Region, while expressing his testimonial mentioned that "Our main priority is to create an inspiring and safe experience for both customers and coworkers and we want to offer the best possible meeting with Walletz4U for many Indian customers.

Walletz4U further wishes to thank for the support it has received from many authorities on its journey. Walletz4U group shows its loyalty and appreciation for co-workers who continue working for the success of the business and our co-workers should know how much we value their experience and commitment. He further stated that no matter where you work in our company you are contributing to our success and continued growth and that is why it is so important for us to share this success equally".

Ms. Arpana Dubey mentioned that "this is a very significant development and the USA will see a great push in the retail sector with Walletz4U entry into the State. Walletz4U store will put the city on the global marketplace as a business and investor-friendly destination. We commit to give our best support to facilitate a smooth expansion process. We will also focus on growing local sourcing and engage with local endeavors and communities in many projects. This step is yet another confirmation of Walletz4U santol's large expansion plans in the USA. The company in parallel is evaluating more suitable sites along with the country".

Addressing the gathering she said that "Walletz4U Santol will bring the best business practices, employment opportunities and also contribute to the growth of the retail sector in the USA. We believe that our employees and the insights suggested by them will work as a catalyst in our development plans.

Walletz4U promises to bring a unique product experience through our inspiring and committed workmen in offering good quality items at an affordable price". Some other distinguished guests also shared their words and facilitated the company's success.

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