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Every day, we are exposed to germs, bacteria, viruses, mold, solvents, chemicals or cancer-causing agents that can enter the body through our hands and skin. These hazards live on the surface of hands and can be transmitted through touch.

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Walletz4u Disposable gloves are effective in minimizing transfer risks and protecting public health. Not all gloves are equal‚ Walletz4u, has built an industry-leading reputation for consistent quality and fair. The gloves you buy today will perform equal or better than the gloves you bought previously.

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Our gloves are less likely to rip or tear. We avoid cost-cutting and material reformulations that often result in inferior products or health risks. Choose the right glove for the right application. Glove variables include material, comfort, fit, durability and personal preference. Latex is the material of choice for many labs, medical offices, cleaning companies and law enforcement agencies. Around the home, latex gloves can be used indoors or outdoors, in the kitchen or garage, for lawn equipment repair, cleaning, personal care, painting, arts and crafts.

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