The PSA (short for Pressure Swing Absorption) oxygen generator is a high-tech, energy-saving separation technology that directly produces Oxygen from the air at normal temperature. Using compressed air after a series of purification of water removal, oil removal and dust removal under pressure swing absorption.

Due to the kinetic effect, the diffusion rate of nitrogen on the Zeolite Molecular Sieve is significantly higher than that of Oxygen. When the adsorption does not reach equilibrium, the Oxygen molecular is enriched in the gas phase. Through PLC automatic control technology, continuous production of high-quality Oxygen gas is achieved.

The device has the advantages of being compact, fully automatic operation, reliable operation, fast start and stop, low operating cost, convenient production and maintenance at normal temperature, and the purity and output of Oxygen can be appropriately customized. It is an efficient on-site oxygen generator with a long lifespan of up to 10 years.


Elevated pressures are needed for the process, usually 4-8 bar(g). In case a higher pressure is required for your process, this can be applied, too.


While one vessel is being pressurised, the other vessel is being depressurised.


Separation of atmospheric air is done with the PSA principle; oxygen is separated from the air through adsorption process.


MISHA oxygen plant uses PSA (Pressure Swing Absorption) technology to produce medical grade oxygen of up to 96% purity. Our oxygen generators can operate under normal atmospheric conditions without the need of air liquefaction and extreme cooling of up to -180°C resulting in low operating cost. MISHA oxygen plant has been developed with the aim of limited maintenance operations and all consumables have been limited to the minimum. Thus, our oxygen generators have not been fitted with membrane valves or electro-chemical oxygen cells which require annual replacement. This simplified design approach leads to lesser equipment & components with high automation and convenience in operations.

MISHA oxygen plants are quick to start and easy to stop which helps the system to start generating oxygen within 30 minutes from it’s starting. This enables the plant operator to intermittently operate the oxygen plant as per their operational demand. The plant is also safer to operate due to its lower operating pressure. The plant purity and output of oxygen can be easily adjusted and is ideal for usage in fields requiring oxygen purity of between 90% to 95%. MISHA oxygen plants can be used for supplying oxygen directly to hospital beds or can also be used for oxygen cylinder refill. Available in 30, 60 and 90 Nm3.

With our own PSA oxygen plant manufacturing facility we can support rapid deployment of oxygen plants across multiple locations in a scalable manner. We provide an integrated solution to augment the capacity of existing deployment process and work closely with governments, private players and tender awardees to deliver oxygen plant projects across India on time, on scale and at the right price.


For PSA oxygen plants turnkey solutions email us at sales.in@walletz4u.com

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