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Chili, New York Jun 10, 2021 (Issuewire.com) With all the nations continuing to experience a deadly number of rising cases and deaths for over a year now, we happen to see the bold headlines every day screaming to us in bold about the crisis of the economy catching up the pace. These rising cases of Covid-19, particularly in North America and the Asia Pacific, are projected to augment largely the demand for disposable gloves. Since the global pandemic has boosted the demand for disposable gloves, therefore straining the supply chain and ending up creating a shortage in the market. The manufacturers are trying their best to expand their production capacities to meet the growing demand, thereby improving the global supply chain over the past few months. Procuring enough supplies for the medical health care system, especially with the major scarcity of sanitation gloves, is not only a task but the need of the hour now. In view of the current situation, Walletz4u is emerging as one of the leading public health emergency management solutions, solving the issue of time providing certified and verified medical devices, equipment, and healthcare products. Working in regard to the global demands, the company ensures to cater to the needs by their innovation and creativity alongside a never-ending urge to help the society. Mr. Samuel Haralu in the United States states that "A possible solution of increasing domestic production of gloves is difficult, as the raw material used to manufacture nitrile gloves can only be acquired only in Asia." Now, walletz4u is thus unlike a scam with an urge to help society, thus a reliable source to have availability for not only these gloves but rather ensuring products to help the whole collapsing healthcare system.

Quality products by walletz4u which is following the legacy of the parent Company SRAM & MRAM group with a number of factories spread all across the globe is somewhat a saviour in the matter in a way by ensuring worldwide service and 24x7 support. They have their own flagship 'Medical Protection Supply' products for consumers across the globe and helping to fulfill the global demands of this scarcity. The drive and desire for continual improvement are paramount and it speaks for itself. Each day the company is trying to discover ways to create new products, produce less waste, and deliver what the customers need better, faster, and with enhanced value. Mr.Raghav Ram envisions a time of providing quality medical products with superior value to healthcare providers and end-users, enhancing patient care and quality of people's lives. Now, Committed to the customers, colleagues, and the community itself, walletz4u is fully open to new ideas, and believes in two-way communication and challenging the status quo. Relentless about continuously improving the quality, service, and results, and doing so with integrity alongside the determination to do whatever it takes for the customers, walletz4u has its core values uptight.

As a player in the medical device industry having a broad understanding of corporate social responsibility and believing that it spans social, environmental, and economic issues is a necessary element and lesson to learn. Mr. Samuel Haralu said "At this point, there isn't even a pretense of passing this on because costs are going up" and we totally agree because, with every decision taken, evaluation of the impact in these areas has become very important. According to Mr.Hitanshu Heera, it has been stated that "It is believed that the demand will not stop and increase tremendously regardless if the pandemic disappears since billions of people have become aware of the need of healthcare products", and thus having a strong base of the same is the need for the coming future generations. Nonetheless, the State of art Malaysian Factory at Walletz4u states to have a proven track record of supplying Nitrile and Latex gloves on time with the highest quality, quantity, and packaging standards at par with global verification. It has been verified by Mr. Raghav Ram that many states are in more need of gloves as they are not included in vaccination kits that is why in the coming time greatly increase the demand for gloves from healthcare providers administering the vaccine nationwide in order to be stocked-up enough to start administering the vaccine.

In Conclusion to the critical shortage as the pandemic lurches into its second year, walletz4u, an uptight core value company can possibly solve the critical problem, since it is preferred by hospitals for their hypoallergenic and chemical-resistant properties, are we all know about how increasingly expensive and difficult to source at any price it has become. Mr. Samuel Haralu warns about a likely scam out there where people will say, 'I have a million boxes of gloves at a fairly attractive price.' And then you start going down the road with them, and all of a sudden they either go dark or they'll say, 'Oh, you've got to pay this company now you've got to pay that company now. "People have figured out that they can use nitrile gloves to launder money," he quotes.

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