Walletz4U BioGreen Biodegradable Nitrile Glove


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  •   Able to biodegrade in anaerobic environments
  • Specially designed to biodegrade in landfill through a microbial process
  • Provides an “end life solution” for landfill option to reduce accumulation of waste
  • Free from latex protein, eliminating Type I Immediate Hypersensitivity reaction
  • Designed with accelerator free formulation to minimise risk of Type IV Delayed Hypersensitivity reaction


  • Conforms to ASTM D6319 and EN455 Standards
  • Manufactured under QSR (GMP) ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management System


Walletz4U BioGreen Biodegradable Nitrile Glove

SKU HP37 Category

Walletz4U BioGreenTM Biodegradable Nitrile Glove is specially designed to biodegrade in anaerobic conditions in landfills. The biodegradability of these gloves has been measured using internationally-recognized ASTM D5511 Standard Test, in which our gloves biodegrades at least 10 times faster compared to conventional nitrile examination gloves.

Walletz4u® BioGreenTM Biodegradable Nitrile Glove, the industry’s lowest-weight Premium Nitrile Examination Gloves that is compliant with both US ASTM and European EN regulatory requirements. As such, Walletz4u® will be able to o­ffer a “Low Dermatis Potential” labelling claim, as supported by clinical testing. Given the unique formulation used to manufacture it, Walletz4u® BioGreenTM Biodegradable Nitrile Glove is non-chemo tested and also sulphur-free.

Walletz4U® BioGreenTM Biodegradable Nitrile gloves are a perfect combination of comfort, performance and reasonable pricing.

Our nitrile gloves are waterproof, greaseproof, oil proof, BPA free, Latex-free, Phthalate free, Vinyl Free, MBT free and available in powder free version as well. Nitrile gloves are chemical resistant to a range of common chemicals and substances, making them apt for usage in medical industry due to their high puncture resistance, and dexterous strength. Our nitrile gloves are disposable and have a lower allergy rate than latex disposable gloves, making it the first choice for users with allergies or sensitive skin.

Our high quality nitrile gloves are efficient in giving protection against potential physical hazards viz., bacteria, viruses, micro-organisms, bio-hazards, dirt and chemicals. Healthcare frontline workers use both latex and nitrile gloves, giving options to the user to choose based on their skin sensitivity.

Doctors and Healthcare workers use non-sterile nitrile or latex gloves. Doctors, Surgeons and healthcare workers prefer to use white and blue colored gloves, which makes it easy to see the wear and tear i.e., safety compromised by puncture and contamination.

Walletz4U BioGreenTM Biodegradable Nitrile Glove comes with the highest and the strictest certification by international recognized authorities for protection against moderate to high exposure to fluids or chemicals along with excellent tactile sensitivity. The smooth finish offers sensitivity, perfected fit and comfort. The beaded cuff provides added strength and makes donning easier. The powder-free gloves are not made with natural rubber latex and are acceptable for food handling use (per FDA). The distinctive blue nitrile glove color provides a visual cue if the gloves are used in the wrong place, which can help reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Type Nitrile Latex Examination Glove, Powder-Free, Online Single Chlorinated, Non-sterile
Material 100% Synthetic Nitrile Latex
Colour Pastel Green
Design & Features Ambidextrous, finger textured, beaded cuff
Storage The gloves shall maintain their properties when stored in a dry condition. Avoid direct sunlight
Shelf-life 3 years from the date of manufacturing


Physical Dimension



Top Glove

ASTM D6319

EN 455

Length (mm)

Min 230,
Min 240 or
300 +/- 10

Min 220 (XS, S)
Min 230 (M, L, XL)

Min 240

Palm Width (mm)

76 +/- 3
84 +/- 3
94 +/- 3
105 +/- 3
113 +/- 3

70 +/- 10
80 +/- 10
95 +/- 10
110 +/- 10
120 +/- 10

≤ 80
80 +/- 10
95 +/- 10
110 +/- 10
≥ 110

Thickness : Single Wall (mm)

Min 0.05
Min 0.05

Min 0.05
Min 0.05


Physical Properties


Top Glove

EN 455

Median Force at Break (N)
Before Aging
After Aging

Min 9
Min 9

Min 9
Min 9


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